training park

Photos: Juri Vsivtsev

NB! Riding a bike, don’t forget a helmet! Choose the driving style and speed that suits your abilities.

Jõulumäe MTB bike park was built in the spring of 2019 in cooperation with Estonian Health Trails and masters of the Czech bike trails. Total length of the MTB training park circle is 720 meters.

The park has one trail with two different starts – green and blue. The tracks start in different places, meet in the middle and take the ascent together. The tracks have various cross-country track elements (vases, serpentines, pumptrac, jumps, booms etc.), suitable for intermediate cyclists. The entire track is singletrack.

The trails start on the top of the Jõulu Hill between the bridge and the sledslope.

NB! Follow the movement direction, do not move in the opposite direction.