Baskets 18 PAR 64
Class AAA

Total distance 3,8 km
may 2019

The yellow course is closed in winter (from 30.11.2023 to 04.04.2024).
The course maches to international requirements, built in 2005, reconstructed in October 2013 and June 2015. The yellow course was rebuilt in May 2019 into an AAA class track with 18 baskets. Baskets with PDGA Championship category certificate.


Baskets 18 PAR 62
Class AA

Total distance 3,8 km
Renovated nov 2018

The red course is open all year round.
The course was built in 2010, is lighter than the yellow trail and more suitable for beginners. The Red Course was renovated in November-December 2015; DZs, pars and mandos specified in spring 2018. In November 2018, PDGA-certified baskets were installed on the course and some changes were made on the tracks.

NB! Seasonal layout!
On winter season, there is a seasonal layout on Jõulumäe red disc golf course – baskets are moved closer to tees, the course is shorter and easyer. The seasonal layout is open from 8. November 2023 until 31. March 2024.
Shortered course par 57
Baskets 18
Lenght 1617 m
Disc Golf Metrix: Jõulumäe Punane (talvine layout)


Baskets 9 PAR 30
Class B

Total distance 1,3 km
Build 2017

The blue course is closed in winter (from 30.11.2023 to 14.04.2024).
The blue course was built in 2017. It has 9 baskets and it is suitable for beginners. Course class B.

Disc rental:
1 € / 3 discs. The set includes one remote, one medium disc, one putter and a bag.