Little wonderland!

Jõulumäe Dwarfs hiking trail runs in a pleasant pine forest, where a narrow forest trail winds up and down, looking for dwarfs habitations and footprints.

The Dwarf’s hiking trail is marked with a red ribbon all year round. In addition, there are signs on the trees with the image of the main dwarf Kiikerpäkk. You have to move in the direction where the Kiikerpäkk is looking with hes binoculars.

The length of the trail is 1,5 km. The walking path starts right next to the children’s playground, where all visitors are greeted by Kiikerpäkk, not at all by the real dwarf size.

Enjoy the journey!

Jõulumäe Dwarf Trail is open year-round for discovery on your own.

There was once a time (1994-2002) when we got to SEE and HEAR the dwarfs living locally here in Jõulumäe (Jõulumäe means in english a Christmas Hill). Many dwarfs with different occupations were busy in the dwarf land of Jõulumäe: Kiikerpäkk, Käbrik, Hingela, Jõura, Kudriin, Helina, Iluri, Trillalla, Virkjalg, Kelkur, Suuskur, Unilane, Kulbi-Kusti, Tohtermann, Tarkur, Kingitaja and others. Päkapiku Bank and Post Office had its own money – Päkk, with that you could buy a ticket and try your luck at the lottery, taste a special soup, by dwarf’s fan stuff and redeem the ticket for a Dwarf’s fairy tale trip.

Now can everyone hike on the same track. Unlikely you can meet real dwarf’s, but next to each dwarf’s habitat, there is a fairy tale to read with the story.

In December 2017 – 2021, before the Christmas-time, the popular evening hikes took place again, introducing the fairy tales of the Jõulumäe’s dwarf’s secret life. Wanderings took hikers to a small adventure in the dark forest. Also this year? You can find out on the news, when the time has come…