ski courses

600 m, 1.2 km, 2.5 km
The length of the trails depends on the weather conditions and possibilities. The first trail is usually made of snow held over the winter and then gradually extended.

joulu-suusatajaWITH NATURAL SNOW
ski courses

3 km, 5 km, 7.5 km, 10 km
Healt sport courses with natural snow has an easier profile, courses lenght marks along the track made with different colors and turns marked with arrows.

NB! Healt sport courses can use only if there is enough natural snow.

The ski courses and markings can be different from year to year depending on how much is natural snow and how long is artificial snow courses.

Don’t forget to check trail conditions before you head out.

The markings on the natural snow and the artificial snow courses are different:

Artificial snow courses previous years