The course has 22 permanent control points, start is near the Main House.
You can buy the map (1.60 €) from reception.


Orienteering with smartphone

Together with Eesti Terviserajad and Eesti Orienteerumisliit placed in our territory MOBO marks or mobile orienteering marks. MOBO is combines the ideas of modern technology (smartphone) and traditional orienteering tracks, it’s offers the opportunity to engage in health sports (orienteering) at a time convenient to you, using modern technologies combined with traditional orienteering skills.

How to play?

Read instruction mobo.osport.ee
Track markers are located at permanent control points on the orienteering course. To mark a control point, capture the QR code on the track marker with the MOBO program in your smartphone.

Free app download for smartphone:

Orienteering game with pictures

An orienteering game consisting of pictures and a plan of the center helps to get acquainted with the immediate surroundings of the center or to check who has walked around with their eyes open.

The game is suitable for people of all ages and does not need any athletic preparation.

Each player or team has a plan of the territory with numbers and photos of the places in the territory with letters. You have to go to the location marked with a number on the map and find a place corresponding to the photo in nature. Write the right letter next to the number on the answers card.

There are ten places to search. The game is about speed.

Photo orienteering maps can be rented from the reception.

Geocaching is the greatest treasure hunt game in the world. Millions of treasures are hidden in different parts of the world, and some of them can be found in and around Jõulumäe.

Explore secret treasures:


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