The sports equipment rental  located in the main building next to the administrator.

The rental period is the so-called white time, ie before dark, no later than 22.00 the equipment must be returned (except for the ski rental, which is open during the season according to the information on the front page).

Inventory is rented only for on-site use at the center. Please note, a identity document is required for rent.

Adult mountain bike rental
4 € / 1 hour.
A helmet can be rented on request.

Bicycles can ride all of our marked courses Motions Trails excluding ski trails on ski season.

Fatbikemountain bikes with wide tires:
Adults 4 € / 1 hour
• Children 2 € / 1 hour

Adult Fatbikes, 6 pcs:
• 2 pcs Megamo (S-size)
• 4 pcs Scott Big Jon (L & M sizes)

Children Fatbikes, 2 pcs:
• 1 pcs for 6-8 year old childrens, Silverback Scoop Quarter
• 1 pcs for 9-11 year old childrens Silverback Scoop Half

Fatbike is suitable for riding all year round, even on snow. You can ride bicycles on all trails with a permanent marking Motion Trails except on ski trails during the ski season. A helmet can be rented on request. Children are required to wear a helmet.

Ski sets rental 4 € / 1 hour.
The set includes skis, poles and
boots. The skis are prepared for freestyle riding.

For ski rent needed a identity document. In the case of a group, the document of one responsible person is valid.

Ski rental is open seasonly. Date and time publiched on our homepage.

Disck rental 1 € / set.
The set includes a bag and three discs – one long-distance, one medium-distance disc and one putter.

Also available a score card. The results can be marked with phone app Disc Golf Metrix.

In winter, disc golf courses with fluffy snow are not rented.

To play Curling you need Sets of granite stones. Each stone weighs 19.1 kg. Curling stones with the use of the square 20 € / 1hour.

The curling rink is open during the winter season on the dates indicated on the front page of our website.


  • the ball bearings move custom ice clocks to play on two squares
  • lighter New Age Kurling stones to play on one court

Kurling is played on specially covered squares all year round without ice. Read more: Skill Game House

Balls, discs, spears, barriers, throwing balls, etc. For use on our sport grounds.

To play in the hall: 
• basketballs
• volleyballs
• table tennis rackets and balls

For playing on outdoor courts:
• basketballs
• volleyball, beach volleyball
• soccer, beach soccer
• tennis rackets and balls
• badminton rackets and balls
• table tennis rackets and balls
• indiaca balls
• different skill game balls

Balls and rackets are free to use on our grounds.

Petanki balls for playing on our outdoor fields. Rent for free.

Walking poles 105 – 135 cm for Nordic walking in our tracks.

Recommended walking pole lengths
walker                  stick lenght
142 – 149 cm     100 cm
150 – 156 cm     105 cm
157 – 163 cm     110 cm
164 – 171 cm     115 cm
172 – 178 cm     120 cm
179 – 186 cm     125 cm
187– 193 cm      130 cm

The walking pole is in suitable length, when it’s supporting the elbows near the body and holding the handle of the stick so, that the pole rests down and the arm is parallel to the ground.