The main house has a total of 39 accommodation rooms with 126 places. All rooms are single rooms.
Number of beds in room 2-6.

Comfortable rooms
• Total 21 rooms with 56 places
• 7 rooms with 2 places for each
• 14 rooms with 3 places for each

Ordinary rooms
• Total 7 rooms with 18 places
• Shared washrooms and toilets
• 3 rooms with 2 places for each
• 4 rooms with 3 places for each

Rooms with bunk beds
• Total 11 rooms with 52 places
• Shared washrooms and toilets
• 7 rooms with 4 places for each
• 4 rooms with 6 places for each

The Main House and the whole center ACCOMMODATION DETAILS

Catering only with pre order.
The dining hall is for 70 people at a time.

In the Dining Hall can be use TV, WiFi, DVD, graph and data projector, flipchart, music center.

Use of the Main House gym is based on a monthly card or a one-time fee, the use of the gym is free of charge for the users of accommodation services (except for campers and caravan stops).

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With tables up to 70 people.

As a conference up to 120 people

The hall also has an interactive touch screen with a data projector and a laptop, a home cinema center, 2 TVs, WiFi, a document camera, an overhead projector, flipcharts, a printer-scanner-copier, a music center.

Additionally can be ordered taste water, coffee, tea, snacks, etc. Coffee breaks in the lobby or in the dining room of the main house.

The sports equipment rental is on the main building next to the administrator.

For rent: mountain bikes, Fatbike bikes, cross-country ski equipment, disc golf discs, kurling (without ice), athletics equipment, balls, tennis, badminton and table tennis rackets and balls, indiaca, petanque, walking poles, photo-orienteering etc.

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Shared washing and dressing rooms are on the 1st floor, locker key ask of administrator.

• use of wardrobe and shower 1 € / person
• towel 1 €
• Accommodation users has towel and shower free of charge.

The main house has 2 wood-heated saunas (1 for women and 1 for men) with a small lounge.

Use of sauna (only with pre order)
30 € / 1 sauna / 1 evening until 23:00

Visitors are received and assisted by the administrator with any concerns.

The reception is located in the lobby in the main building – check-in, sports equipment rental, gym access, etc.

There is a small kiosk, we offer beveridges, water, coffee, tea, cocoa, ice cream, cookies and snacks.

You can pay in cash or by card.

Administrator phone +372 445 6117 (24/7)