All hiking trails are also suitable for running and cycling.

joulu-matkarajadLEFT SIDE
15 km, 25 km

Marks painted on tree trunks, arrows on turns, km posts on the track.

joulu-matkarajadRIGHT SIDE
5 km ja 10 km

Marks painted on tree trunks, arrows on turns, km posts on the track.

All hiking trails start from the car park at the café house.

All ski-courses with natural snow, named as HEALTH TRAILS 3 km, 5 km, 7.5 km ja 10 km are open for running, cycling and hiking on snow-free time.

Need a shorter distance?
For hiking is suitable also all
500 m, 1 km, 1.5 km, 2 km, 3 km

More about 15 km ja 25 km hiking trails

These hiking trails to the left of the center lead south (towards Võiste). 25 km of hiking trails can be reached Tolkuse raba, near the track is highest dune in Estonia Tornimäe and on it built 18 m high wooden view tower, from the top you can see the surrounding nature and Pärnu Bay.

You can also visit introductory study trail Luitemaa nature reserve 2.2 km. The hiking trail partly runs along the boardwalk and leads to the largest field of Tolkuse bog, where braver hikers also go swimming.. RMK Tolkus study trail website.

On the way back you can meet King pine.

It is convenient to walk on the hiking trails of Jõulumäe both in the snow and during the snow-free time. The natural soil of the pine forest keeps the trail dry.

Large dune landscapes

“Our home is like thousands of years old dunes of south-western Estonia, which are covered and surrounded by larvae and fresh as an ancient landform. These pristine surface reliefs are surrounded by swamp, forest and sea landscapes, covered with plush moss and rowan, heather and pine trees, where there is also a protected crow’s head. There, wild animals roam the slopes, crawl reptiles, lizards sway, and sea eagles and cat eagles fly between the tops, as well as heath larks and herons. In addition to footpaths, there are motorways and, in addition to tourist facilities, various human settlements. “- Prime Minister Jüri Ratas 22.02.2020

Jõulumäe Health Sports Center borders the Uulu-Võiste Landscape Protection Area, most of the centre’s trails are located in this landscape protection area, Luitemaa Nature Reserve and Luitemaa Conservation Area. It is a dune landscape covered with a pine forest, the landscape of which we consider crucial for the preservation of a visitor-friendly recreational forest.