Jõulumäe’s indoor beach arena is a year-round sports building with a 32×40 m sand court (approx. 2000 m²).

Sand field has four beach volleyball/beach tennis courts. Up to two beach handball courts or one beach soccer field fits also on the sand area.

Open every day 10-22 
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The exclusive year-round Jõulumäe sport hall hides an entire football court and tons of pleasant dune sand. You can forget the miserable summer- and bad skiing weather in Jõulumäe indoor beach arena – it’s always warm here.

You’re welcome!

Jõulumäe’s indoor beach arena is unique in the whole region with a beach soccer court that meets FIFA requirements. A year round hall allows to practice various beach sports – beach soccer, -volleyball, -handball, -tennis, -wrestling and other activities.

The sand hall, completed in 2023, will create additional opportunities to organize competitions, training camps, trainings, as well as sports facilities for hobbyists and families.

Completion of the sand hall is an important stage in the realization of the action plan for the sustainable development of Jõulumäe, which contributes to the increase in the competitiveness and internationalization of tourism and health in the entire tourism region of Pärnu and Western Estonia.

The project was supported by the Regional Development Fund of the European Union with 1,5 mln euros and the Ministry of Culture. The total cost of the project was 2,5 mln euros.

Jõulumäe’s beach arena was built from August 2022 to June 2023, the finishing and maintenance works will last until autumn 2023. The first users enjoyed the courts already in July.

To reserve courts, kindly contact us by phone at +372 4456117, email us at, or use our online booking system. 


The minimum booking time is 1 hour. Extension by half an hour.

Generally, reservations start on the full of half hour and end at least 5 minutes before the reserved time is filled, which is spent by the user to tidy up the court: collect the inventory, level the sand with a trowel, clean the borders.

The sand area can be used at the same time:

  • one beach soccer field
  • two beach handball courts
  • one beach handball court and two beach volleyball/beach tennis courts
  • four beach volleyball/beach tennis courts

Before booking, please familiarize yourself with the rules for using the sand hall.

Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance. Agreements for long-term reservations or fixed times:


  • beach volleyball court 14 € / 1 court / 1 hour (4 courts)
  • beach tennis court 14 € / 1 court / 1 hour (4 courts)
  • beach handball court 26 € / 1 court / 1 hour (2 courts)
  • beach soccer field 36 € / 1 field / 1 hour (1 fields)
  • the entire sand area 200 € / 1 day
  • tribune area for training (concrete floor) 10 € / 1 hour

The use of the showers and changing rooms is included in the price of using the field. The use of a towel is 1 €.


  • beach tennis racket 2 € / 1 racket (+ 4 balls) / 1 time
  • ball for ball games 2 € / 2 balls / 1 time

Reservation of the sand court and courts for competitions and events by agreement


When staying in the accommodation facilities of the Joulumae Sports and Recreation Centre for at least four nights and with a group of at least 10 people, the use of up to 2 courts twice a day for 1.5 hours is free. Appointments must be booked by the group leader, the size of the group and the specifics of the area, other groups, etc. are taken into account. Use of inventory according to the price list.

SAND HALL USE IN AUGUST 2023 until final completion. Since the changing rooms and sauna are not yet open, a -50% discount applies to the use of the courts until the hall is finally completed.

The sand area can accommodate one full-sized beach soccer field with boundaries, flags and goals, and safety nets at the ends of the field.

Beach soccer is a game played by two teams on a beach or sand court. It is played barefoot. The technique of beach soccer is different from regular soccer. As a competitive sport, 4 + goalkeepers are played, the number may vary for amateurs.

The sand hall court allows up to 4 beach volleyball or tennis courts to be placed on it.

Beach volleyball can be played in a 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 format according to the level. The standard volleyball format 6 vs 6 can also be used as a social pastime game.

The size of the court allows up to 4 beach volleyball or tennis courts to be placed on it.

Training and amateur competitions can be held in the hall. A good opportunity to extend the season in the Estonian climate, for year-round activities. You can play both singles and doubles.

Beach tennis offers excellent endurance training. Beach tennis has a more favorable effect on the knees and joints due to playing in the sand. Racquetball is recognized as the healthiest sport and is highly recommended as a health sport.

You can play on two beach handball courts in the hall.

The field is suitable for competitive sports and hobbies, for adults and young people.

Beach handball is a version of traditional team handball played indoors but played on sand. Players can only take three steps while holding the ball and cannot hold it for more than three seconds without making a pass or shot.

The size of the court allows it to accommodate 4 beach volleyball or tennis courts, 2 handball courts, 6 wrestling courts.

Beach wrestling is a beach version of traditional wrestling, a combination of different wrestling styles adapted for beach sand. The hall creates an opportunity to practice beach wrestling in the winter as training sessions and camps. Adds opportunities for technical and endurance training. Training on sand develops muscles and ligaments that cannot be trained on a flat, non-sinking surface.

The sand court allows you to practice, for example, disc golf, various racket games, folk ball etc.

The sand court is a great opportunity for general body training in any area.

The tribunes are located along the sand court in an area with a concrete floor. The modular tribunes can accommodate up to 250 spectators.

The tribune area can also be used for training, warm-up, stretching etc.

The sport hall has 4 changing rooms, each has 15 lockers and a washing room with 3 showers.

The sport hall has one electrically heated sauna with a common room. The sauna can be used by reservation only, price is 40 € / up to 2 hours.


Jõulumäe sand hall has four beach volleyball/beach tennis courts. Up to two beach handball courts or one beach soccer field can also be placed on the sand area.

The hall has a part of the tribunes that can accommodate 250 spectators, 4 dressing rooms with 15 wardrobes, sauna rooms, referee rooms, etc.

The fees for the use of the sand hall for training are approved by the directive of the board. The use of the washing and changing rooms are included in the price of using the field.

The use of the sand court for competitions or events is agreed separately.


  • Please do not go on the sand with outdoor footwear.
  • It is forbidden to go to the sand with food and drink.
  • The trash goes in the trash bin.
  • After the game, the field and the path to the field must be leveled with a trowel. Move around the field with the trowel.
  • When you are the last to leave, turn off the lights in the hall and lock the front door. Take the key to the main building administrator.


Jõulumäe’ beach arena is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. The right to use sand fields and rooms only arises if there is a reservation (including free reservations).

The hall and the courts must be kept clean and tidy, and the court must be left in order for the next users when leaving.

After the game, tidy up the field after you – level the sand with a trowel and clean the boundaries. The field must be tidied up by the end of the booked time.

Make sure that going to and coming from the field does not disturb others, use only the field reserved for you, stick to the reserved time. Make sure the court is in order when you leave it.

Treat the hall, courts and its inventory well. In case of damage or loss of property, the damage must be compensated.

It is forbidden to bring into the sand hall glass, porcelain, etc. breakable objects, glass containers and other objects that can cause injuries if broken.

Come to the court in sporty clothes and barefoot or in suitable shoes. Playing shirtless is inappropriate. It is not allowed to go on the sand with outdoor shoes, spikes or boots. Clean your feet with your towel when you come off the sand.

Come to the court just before your game time and finish your practice on time to ensure a full game experience for other players as well. A previously completed game will not be compensated.

The number of players allowed on one court corresponds to the competition regulations of the area or separate agreements.

Treat others with kindness and respect. Do not disturb others with your behavior. Adhere to the general rules of conduct. Mining, throwing sand, watering for no reason, etc., are prohibited on the sand field.

Please inform +372 4456117 or about property damage, defects, presence of strangers and other problems.

The owner of the field is not responsible for what happens on the field. The court user is responsible for personal belongings left unattended and equipment rented from the center.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes, snuff, etc.), consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances, and uncensored language are prohibited in sports facilities. Food is not brought to the square, if possible drink water.

Garbage goes in the trash bin. You have to be especially careful when wearing patches, sports tapes, etc., so that they don’t get lost in the sand. Chewing gum is not allowed.

In sand hall, it is categorically forbidden to drive vehicles, incl. bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. Entry with a pram or wheelchair (or other aid) is allowed.

Pets are not allowed in the hall.

Courts may be closed in case of maintenance work, closed events, etc.

You can use the dressing rooms of the main building or the sand hall to get dressed. Toilets are located in the lobby and in the changing rooms.

By reserving a court and entering the court, you agree to these rules. Players who do not follow the order and the orders of the staff of the health port center must leave the court.


The court can be reserved for training at the Jõulumäe main building at the administrator’s office, by phone (+372 4456117) or by e-mail at (on working days) or in the reservation system at

The data required for reservation are: user’s first and last name, contact telephone number, e-mail address, pitch type, time of use and number of pitch(s). The reservation is confirmed by the acceptance by the health sport center.

The use of the field is paid to the administrator of Jõulumäe Health Sports Center before going to play on the field. You can pay both with cash and by card. A document with a picture must be presented when paying.

To change or cancel a reservation, call +372 4456117.

The health sports center has the right to cancel the time booked in connection with the events taking place in the center by notifying at least 5 calendar days in advance.

Use of the fields without registration is not allowed.

We offer the opportunity to organize events, competitions, tournaments in the hall. We are waiting for your e-mail

User registration data is used and stored only for purposes related to the use of the courts.

The person making the reservation is responsible for order in his group and compensates for the damage caused.

Have a nice experience!