Indoor beach arena 2023

Jõulumäe’s indoor beach arena has a sand field, which is unique in the entire region and conforms to FIFA requirements, with the dimensions of beach soccer. A year round hall allows to practice various beach sports – beach soccer, -volleyball,
-handball, -tennis, -wrestling and other activities.

The hall will be completed by August 2023. It will create additional opportunities to organize competitions, training camps, trainings, as well as sports facilities for hobbyists and families.

The project is supported by the Regional Development Fund of the European Union with 1,5 mln euros, the Ministry of Culture helps ensure self-financing. The total cost of the project is 2,5 mln euros.

A full-sized beach soccer field 

3 beach volleyball or tennis courts

2 courts for beach handball

3 beach volleyball or tennis courts

The sand court is a great opportunity for general body training in any area.

The sand court allows you to practice, for example, disc golf, wrestling, various racket games, folk ball, etc. Training on sand develops muscles and ligaments that cannot be trained on a flat, non-sinking surface.

Beach arena can aslo be used for non-sports events.