Disc golf festival week 3.-9.06

The festival week is here!

The 8th edition of the Latitude 64º Festival has evolved over time into a week-long disc golf celebration in the best disc golf parks of Pärnumaa. The week includes singles and doubles games, music, and jams.

The Latitude 64° Festival 2k24 powered by Sportland will be played on the Jõulumäe, Sindi, Jõekääru, and Valgeranna courses.

In addition, there will be various games throughout the week, like weekly, PDGA and doubles.

Registrations and manuals: discgolfmetrix.com


During the main competition of the festival, all Jõulumäe disc golf courses, the main stadium, asphalted motion tracks and running tracks will be closed from Saturday, June 8th at 9 a.m. until Sunday, June 9th at 2 p.m.

At other times, please be very attentive to other users!

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