Gravel rally on wheels Gravel Grinder 6.08.

Due to the bicycle race GRAVEL GRINDER ESTONIA 2023, the yellow and blue disc golf course, the asphalt tracks and the main stadium are CLOSED on Sunday, 6.08 from 10:00 to 19:00.

On the red disc golf course, we ask for attention near the competition route (the cycling route is marked with fences, ribbons and arrows).

Please be attentive, adhere to the restrictions and ensure safety.

GRAVEL GRINDER ESTONIA 2023 a bike-gravel rally with short speed tests and long crossings with a total length of 95 km on the roads of Pärnumaa and around Jõulumäe.

The first test will be from the joint start at 12:00 from the Jõulumäe main stadium, and then four more speed tests must be completed, taking into account the control times. The crossings do not take time, their purpose is to safely and energy-saving guide the competitors to the start of the next attempt. The track is also full of food stations.

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