Pärnu country skiing championships and the 2nd stage of cup series 7.02

It is time to start preparing for the county championships.

Pärnu country cross-country skiing championships will take place on Wednesday, 07.02.2024, as part of the Jõulumäe cross-country skiing cup series.

In the competition program, there are mass starts of classic technique at distances of 0,9 km (NM10-NM12), 2,5 km (NM14, NM16, N, N40) and 5 km (M, M40). Skiing is done on artificial snow ski track. Youth starts start at 17:30, adults at 19:00.

Pärnu County Sport Association awards the best three country competitors of each age group with a championship medal and diploma. All participants, also from outside the county, compete for points in the Jõulumäe cup series.

The participants should be registered by the evening of 06.02. Participation in competitions is free.

The competition guide can be found on the registration page and on the Pärnu County Sport Association page.

Participating in the county championship is a great opportunity to evaluate your skills and compare yourself to other competitors. The competition also offers the opportunity to win titles and recognition for hard-trained effort.

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The ski tracks are not closed due to the competitions but please be attentive to the competitors and do not disturb the course of the competitions.