Agility competitions in the main stadium 2.-4.06

At the weekend, dog agility competitions will take place at Jõulumäe’s main stadium.

Due to the competitions, the main stadium is closed to regular users and access to the asphalt track and movement on the asphalt track is rerouted from Friday, 2.06 from 11:00 to Sunday, 4.06 until 20:00.

Please be attentive, adhere to the restrictions and ensure safety.

Pärnu agility competition and qualification competitions will take place on 03.-04.06.2023 at Jõulumäe. They compete on jumping and agility tracks. Starts start at 10:00.
Agility is a fast-paced dog sport where the handler’s job is to help the dog through an obstacle course. Competing on the speed and cleanliness of the track.
More information: here