All disc golf courses are open

The Yellow and Blue disc golf course are open again from April 15. There are still some snowy sections on the tracks. The 3rd basket of the Yellow course stays temporarily on the snow. There may be some skiers also.

There are 3 different courses in Jõulumäe disc golf park with 45 baskets in total. In addition, a training net and baskets at the beginning of the tracks.

The Yellow course has 18 baskets, total length of tracks is 2584 m. The distance of the whole trail is about 3.8 km. Course class AAA.

The Red course is open all year round, also has 18 baskets. Total length of tracks is 2297 m, the distance of the course is approximately 3.8 km. Track class AA.

The Blue course with 9 baskets is the youngest one in Jõulumäe Park. It is well-suited for beginners or warm-up round. Total length of the tracks is 744 m, 1.3 km are covered. Class B.

You can rent the discs from the main building reception (1 € / one set with three different discs). Please bring an identity document.

• The icy sections are melted and you can hike, run and cycle on the 5 km long hiking trail.

• We still have a lot of work with releasing the asphalt motion track from snow. From the main stadium most of snow snow has been removed.

Preparations works are on for opening the ball fields season.