Due to the Latitude 64 ° Festival 2k20 disc golf competition, all disc golf courses, asphalted motion tracks, the main stadium and running tracks are CLOSED on Saturday 8.08. from 8 a.m. to Sunday 9.08. at 4 p.m.

Please be careful, adhere to restrictions and ensure safety.

In addition, 6.08 will take place weekly game in red DG course and 7.08. doubles on the yellow course. The tracks are not closed on 6.08. and 7.08., but please observe safety.

LATITUDE 64 ° FESTIVAL 2k20 – a international disc golf weekend, where 360 competitors play according to PDGA rules on the Jõulumäe yellow and red track and in Pärnu Jõekääru Park.

The big festival weekend starts on Thursday, 6.08. at 12:00 PDGA weekly game on Jõulumäe red track and continues on Friday, 7.08. at 9:00 with a doubles match on the yellow disc golf course. Festival competition days are 8.08. and 9.08.

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