Fire danger time!


Fire danger time is over 06.07.2023. 


According to the Rescue Board, starting from June 14, the fire danger time will begin in Estonia, and restrictions have been established to prevent large-scale fires.

In times of fire danger, it is prohibited in areas with forest and other vegetation and peat soil (including RMK forest areas):

  • grilling and using the grill
  • making a fire
  • smoking

The ban will remain in effect until the order is changed or invalidation.

Tuleohu indeks 13.06.2023

It is prohibited to make bonfires, grill and smoke during the fire danger time because in extremely dry weather, only a small spark is enough to start a fire. Grilling and making a bonfire are also prohibited in RMK forest areas.


You can carefully grill and make bonfire only in your own garden.  The bonfire pit must be surrounded by an earthen or stone wall and the weather must not be windy. Next to the bonfire, there must be primary fire extinguishing equipment. Before leaving the bonfire, make sure the fire is completely out – the fire must be burn out completely or extinguished with water. If it is possible, avoid making a fire.


In fire danger time, the Rescue Board evaluates the Fire Hazard Map of the Weather service of the Environmental Agency. 

Even a little mistake in nature can lead to serious consequences – forest and landscape fires threaten nature, animals, people and their homes. There have been 601 forest and landscape fires this year, 65 of them in June.