The beach season is open in Jõulumäe!

For the first time in the 47-year history of the health sports center, the indoor season was opened in Jõulumäe! 

Jõulumäe is well-known for its outdoor sports opportunities and continues to be the world’s best way to spend free time in nature. However, due to the coincidence of several seemingly random but important circumstances, Jõulumäe has now excellent year-round indoor training conditions. 

Jõulumäe indoor beach hall – always summer!

The exclusive year-round Jõulumäe sand hall hides an entire football court and tons of pleasant dune sand. You can forget the miserable summer and bad skiing weather in Jõulumäe indoor beach hall – it’s always warm here.

The beach hall has four beach volleyball/beach tennis courts. Up to two beach handball courts or one beach soccer court can also be placed on the sand area (sand area size 32 x 40 meters).

Courts can be reserved by phone or e-mail, soon we will also open an online reservation system.

Since the changing rooms and sauna are not yet open, a -50% discount applies to the use of the courts until the hall is finally completed. Official opening in October.

More information: INDOOR BEACH ARENA 

You’re welcome!

Jõulumäe sports hall with a sand court is unique in the entire region with a beach soccer court with a FIFA-compliant beach soccer court and can be used all year round.

The construction received support from the European Union Regional Development Fund.