New COVID-19 restrictions


To prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

  • Stay home, when you are ill or feeling bad!
  • For visiting our centre, plese bring your valid COVID Certificate and identification document with you
  • Do the antigen rapid test, if you do not have COVID Certificate
  • Persons under the age of 18 do not need to prove safety against infection
  • Wash or disinfect your hands as often as possible
  • Keep the distance with others


Starting from August 9, up to 50 people are allowed at indoor and up to 100 people at outdoor events where there is no check. Indoors, the limitation applies to the whole building or territory. At events and activities where the negative test result, recovery from COVID-19 or completed course of COVID-19 vaccination is checked, the current order will remain and up to 6000 people can participate indoors and up to 12000 people outdoors.

In order to participate at the event or the activity it is possible to do an antigen rapid test up to 48 hours earlier or a PCR test up to 72 hours earlier. The testing needs to be carried out by a health care service provider. In order to participate at the event or activity, the test results need to be negative.

Starting from August 9, the organizer of the event does not have to provide for the possibility to do an antigen rapid test immediately before the event anymore. The organizer is still allowed to provide for the possibility to do the rapid test, according to the instructions of the Health Board, but if it does not provide for this, the person wishing to enter with a test result has to organize their own testing at a health care service provider.

The restrictions apply to public meetings and events, including conferences, cinema showings, provision of entertainment services, museums and exhibitions. Additionally, they apply to doing sports and training, youth work, hobby activities, informal education, refresher training, organizing sports competitions and sports and exercise events, and also in public saunas, spas, pools, water parks and swimming facilities.

About COVID-19 restrictions in Estonia:

More about COVID digital certificate:

Rules for travelling:

We do not offer on-site rapid testing.

The staff of the center are inspected on the same basis as the visitors.

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Stay healthy!